Sunday, June 17, 2012

Western Media especially the US are jealous of China Success in Space Program

I have not been writing much lately as the China bashing has tone down quite a fair bit.

First of all. congratulations to China, once again, for pursuing a space program to put a Space Station in space.

I would also like to extend the resolve and strong determination of the Chinese people to develop its own space basic technology, without assistance of the Western powers, who are so bloody afraid to share its sacred technology for two main reasons:

1. China is govern by a one-party autocratic government and Communist..of which the US people has a very clear phobia because they perceived themselves to represent the other extreme...liberty and full of righteous behaviour..which I really doubt so other than controlled by the media and the few so-called bright Congressman. 2. China is not a Cacausion based country..sad but true..even Japanese who worship the West so much cannot even buy the latest jets from USA. Why? Because they are not CAUCASIAN based simple as that. I am not a racist..but this is the sad fact.

China, which has been left out of the Space Station activities because of who? YES. You are damn right. The stiff opposition of the main domineering partner and self appointed POLICEMAN of the world, the US and nobody else. Even the Russians had at one time suggested inviting the Chinese but it was SINGLY SHOT DOWN by the USA.

China has proven that it can develop its own space technology albeit 40 years late but it is always BETTER LATE THAN NEVER and that NO NATION WILL IMPART ANY MILITARY BASED TECHNOLOGY TO YOU. With that, I think the Chinese has got this right.

Most Western Media are quite receptive of the Chinese success in its space program except CNN and TIME magazine, two biggest media conglomerate from non other than the US. Time has sarcastically suggested that Chinese SPACE TECHNOLOGY is so backward and that the US and the Soviets have mastered it 40 years ago and that this feat is just a picnic for the US now. This really sound like a tinge of jealously. And it goes on to imply that the acquisition of this high end technology is for military use and nothing else.

It does not matter what the West said, China must develop its own path since there is no sincerity of the West to pass high level technology to you after all, China is still being barred from buying high tech from the West since the Tiananmen Incident in 1989 (23 years ago).

Other than Korean's Samsung, I hope China will provide an alternative to the West in the development of useful and leading edge technology to mankind in the near future.


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