Sunday, September 11, 2011

China should downgrade its relations with Mexico

By China Watcher
Ever since the current Mexican President ascent to power, he has been promoting a-Western centric values closed to the US and his directions and diplomacy have always been anti-Chinese ranging from economic partnership and working against the good of the Chinese people.

By meeting the CIA sponsored Dalai Lama on 9 September 2011 he is sending a clear message to the Chinese government and its people that he could not care less for the feelings of the Chinese people including in large the overseas Chinese people as well.

The only plausible way the Chinese government could do is to downgrade this country relationship or if possible, use its international influence to “isolate” business activities with the Mexican government. I do not see any importance of promoting an economic relationship with the corrupt Mexican government as whatever goods and services produced are competing with China.

It is important as it could send a very powerful message to the world community.

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