Monday, November 9, 2009

Women Hockey: A boastful India loses the final to China

By China Watcher

I have on numerous occasions noted the boastful attitude of the Indian coaches, politicians and their mainly one sided media which highlighted the near impossible feat and the praises only you would find in a country like India.

When the country has successful launched its satellite, it tells the world we will be going to the moon. When it grew at 7-8% GDP, it commented that it will overtake the US in terms of size in 30 years. When it develops a missile which can hit Shanghai, it tells the world they are a potential superpower. When it defeated the Koreans in the semi-final in the recently concluded Asia Cup Women’s Hockey in Bangkok, it again told the world they will win the title handsomely.

These are the words of the coach. "Our girls are talented, they deserved the ultimate honour here. I have asked them to go all out. China are tactically strong, they can trouble us. Unless my girls give one hundred per cent, we can't come out winners. My players will deliver, I believe in their caliber," "China are good at counter attacks, forwards are opportunistic and good inside the circle. So, we have to be cautious, then nothing can stop us from getting the gold,"

The Indian goalkeeper goes on to say, “"After defeating Korea which is a better team than China, we are confident of a good result in the final. We are ready to face the best in the Asia," "Their fullback Ma Yi Bo is good at penalty corners, but their forwards are hungry inside the circle. Not just goalkeeping the whole defence has to combine well and I am sure we will win,"

Are the Indians so sure? Yes the Western media would love to have India to beat China, if they could manufactured the news from here.

In the final, the Chinese women’s hockey team soundly beaten the Indian team 5-3 and won the Cup. Well, being boastful doesn’t help at all, does it?

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