Thursday, November 12, 2009

The West is supporting a big liar in Rebiya Kadeer

By China Watcher

The West opinions in its many articles supporting Uighur dissident, Rebiya Kadeer is nothing more than Western propaganda in undermining the image and authority of the Chinese government or the Han Chinese’s control over Xinjiang. Some of these were actually bordering on pure rubbish and are clearly one-sided and typically Western prejudices towards modern China.

Kadeer's allegations of state-sponsored prostitution of Uighur women are simply too hard to believe. Perhaps, only Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International would open their idle ears (with nothing better to do) to excite and spread these fantasies to the gullible Western public.

The despicable woman considers the influx of Han Chinese into Xinjiang as a threat to Uighur culture, which is totally baseless and unjustifiable. Xinjiang is a province of China and its people are considered Chinese whether they are Hui Chinese, Han Chinese, Tibetan Chinese or Han Chinese. Chinese citizens within the People Republic of China are free to move whenever there are job opportunities or feasible business ventures. Even in the US there were no restrictions to stop people from migrating from the Eastern part of US to the West during the gold rush of the early 19th Century. As the mainly white settlers moved to inhabit the Western portion of the US, Red Indians culture and traditions were gradually being replaced and until today it is more or less disappeared, and the Indian Reservations which were established half-heartedly soon gave way to casinos and unscrupulous developers.

On the contrary, there is this current policy practiced by the Chinese government of providing preferential treatment towards minority groups in China; for example, Uighurs, like Tibetans are exempted from China's one-child policy. Every year there are festivals in Tibet and Xinjiang where the locals were encouraged to display their traditional customs and cultures which were still very much alive as I could see in the many documentaries. Beijing actually tried to work with the Uighurs in governing Xinjiang by recognizing it as an autonomous region. The Han Chinese were also jailed by the military police for attacking the Uighurs during the July riots and not only the Uighurs were arrested as portrayed by the West as the only victims.

One of the Chinese netizen correctly challenged Rebiya’s allegations, which the Western media conveniently played along the “bullying” theme without seriously questioning the logical aspect of the facts:

1. Rebiya claims there are 10,000 Uyghurs imprisoned. What proof does she have?
2. Uighur migrants that were recruited to work on the east coast of China went there of their own free will and not force upon them as alleged by her. The Uighurs can always go back to where they came from. To my knowledge, traveling within China for Chinese citizens has never been a problem over the last decade.
3. Who would actually poured money into the highly risky western parts of China? The Han Chinese brought with them money and their entrepreneurial spirit to develop Xinjiang and if these “locals” are smart, they could actually profit or gain in terms of acquiring expertise and learning the trades but they choose to kill the migrants and burned their properties.
4. The Western based Uighur woman claims that she speak on behalf of the Uighurs in China but it is more obvious that she represent thousands of dissidents and exiles living abroad in Western countries and not the 4 millions Uighurs in China.

Every time she was given an opportunity to face the press, she would bad mouthed China’s ethnic policy but I would like to ask a more pertinent question, if it is really that bad then how could she has amassed a fortune of about US$25 million when she was an enterprising business woman before she was deported from China.

Let us quietly ponder about it and not blindly supporting a big liar like what the Western media do.


Uyghur News said...

you are one of the most ignorant person I have seen recently. Rebiya Kadeer's claim of more than 10000 (not just 10,000)disappeared Uyghurs is very conservative number. there were more than 34000 Uyghurs used to live in Sai Machang (Horse race square) where Uyghur women took the street after arrests of their loved once on July 7th completely been deserted. where have they gone?
Uyghur parts of Urumqi is no empitied. where were those Uyghurs?
why government could not re-open communication line after more than 4 month passed from the incident?
what are they afraid from with the presence of more than 170,000 military troops in the streets?
let me tell you the answer. Government is deeply in trouble to have exposure of victim families who have lost their loved once.

total death of Uyghurs since July 5th massacre is more than 10,000 and disappeared Uyghurs are more than 30,000. Let the government open the communication line then you will see the cries of Uyghurs who are looking for the loved once. just wait. massacre will not be covered that long.
Uyghurs did not go to mainland China in their free will. instead they were fortced to go there by local Chinese officials with the punishment of compensating their lands and banning to issue marriage license. just go and talk with the family of Uyghurs to figure out the truth. do not lie.
no one asks you to pour money to East Turkistan. instead just go back to your home and let the Uyghurs take care themself as other nations do.
just let you know. last year more than 80 billion cubic meter natural gas has been transported to China with zero payment. caculate how much dollar amount it make.
last year China transported more than 50 million tons of crude oild to China which makes almost 20,000,000 barrel of oil. calculate how much dollar amount does it make?
and Gold, Coal, Uranium, Cotton and other materials. calculate and figure out how much does it make.

also ask Chinese government how much do they pay for owner of this territory that is granted by Chinese constitution as Uyghur autonomous Region? answer is ZERO.

if you want to figure out whether or not Uyghur organizations could represent for entire Uyghurs in East Turkistan and abroad then what you need to do is to have simple referendum. that is the best way of knowing the truth. are you ready?

by the way you are so ignorant that even you do not know how many Uyghurs are living there.
not 4 million, at least 16 million Uyghurs are living in East Tuirkistan.

let me see if you can keep this post to challenge your lies.

4. The Western based Uighur woman claims that she speak on behalf of the Uighurs in China but it is more obvious that she represent thousands of dissidents and exiles living abroad in Western countries and not the 4 millions Uighurs in China.

China Watcher said...

I do not wish to argue with you over those contentious figures but it is just ridiculous to cover up the many deaths. It could possibly happened when China was a closed society during the 70s but today, China is interacting globally with almost all the countries throughout the world. With the advancement of IT networking and internet, it is just not possible to hide so many deaths. What you are insinuating is "genocide" which I still firmly believe is untrue. The no of Uighurs in Xinjiang is about 8 to 9 million, about the same as Han Chinese and I apologize for the mistake. Your 20 million could probably be aggregate of the external Uighurs population living outside PRC.