Friday, July 10, 2009

China should seriously review its relations with Turkey

By China Watcher

Recently, Turkey, a poor Muslim country, which is in the middle of nowhere, not European or Asian, continued its negative vibes against the Chinese people (Han Chinese) for mistreating the Uighurs, an ethnic tribe which has close cultural and linguistic ties with them.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey had earlier criticized China for hunting Uighurs openly. Yesterday the Turkish Minister for Trade and Industry called for a boycott of Chinese goods to protest the crackdown in Xinjiang. He commented that since China does not respect human values we should not consume its goods. I do not know the extent of truth in the report and how much spin was put into it which was taken from one of China's most critical papers, the New York Times.

What sort of human values did this stupid Minister used as a yardstick? Since the 1980s, the Han Chinese have been treated well with better economic opportunities and adequate freedom in China and so are the other 53 ethnic races in China, excluding the rebellious Uighurs and Tibetans. Why do they continue to harbor these resentment feelings? It was reported that about 90% of the 156 deaths were Han Chinese. Why is he so disenchanted? The Turkish government throughout history has ill-treated and attempted to assimilate the Kurdish minority from the South East and now he talked about championing human values. What a big hypocrite!

These rebellious people are being heavily influenced and given hope – both from internal and external forces - to fight for independence from China – which I believe is not likely to happen in the next 50 years or so. The reason is very clear. These people cannot co-exist with the Han Chinese and it will not be possible unless they could accept the real truth that they are part of the People Republic of China. Even if China is a democratic state, I am sure every single Han Chinese would not allow this to happen. So the Western “white” society can just forget that if China has an elected government, all these problems would go away.

If the Turkish leaders are so short sighted and cannot see the bigger picture of a trading diplomacy, I would advise the Chinese government to review the current state of relations and if possible downgrade this to a consulate level.

Perhaps, if the Turkish people truly love the Uighurs so much, the Chinese government should contemplate dispatching the 8 million Uighurs to them.

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