Tuesday, July 7, 2009

China should bring the full force of the law on the Uighur rebels and murderers

By China Watcher

The Uighurs, the ethnic group, in Xinjiang was the main cause of the riots in the capital, Urumqi, on Sunday. China’s CCTV showed that the Muslim Uighurs attacked and kicked Han Chinese. Some of the victims were seen with blood pouring down their faces.

To date, more than 180 people were reported dead, 90% of them were Han Chinese. It is the deadliest racial riot to strike Xinjiang, a Western province of the People Republic of China, since the country open up to the world in 1979.

I am happy to note that there are groups of Han Chinese who have taken to the streets to vent their anger and cried for revenge for the murder of their own kind. The response was seen as positive in the light of the killings of many Han Chinese. The Han Chinese protesters were observed to be carrying clubs and machetes, and there were reports that these groups have gone to the Uighurs populated areas to sent a clear warning to the Uighurs.

Even on the net, there were many angry Chinese surfers of Han Chinese origin who were asking the government to bring those trouble makers to face the full force of the law. The laws are created to maintain order and bring stability to the country. If the Uighurs had infringed the laws then the military police should ensure that these murderers and criminals are brought to justice as fast as possible. The effective administration of justice would be the best possible solution to minimize the growing “revengeful spirit” of the Han Chinese.

Western reports mainly focused on the rights of the Uighurs to protest and highlighted willingly the list of disenchantment and grievances of the Uighurs under Chinese rule. The Western media even denied that there is such a terrorist group like the Eastern Turkestan group, which was responsible for the sporadic bombings across China’s western frontier. The Uighurs protest was not peaceful, as claimed by the Uighur American Association, but it was definitely violent and as noted the damage to buses and buildings were rampant. What is sad is the loss of many Han Chinese lives. The Han Chinese were dragged out of their vehicles and some were beaten to death.

The Chinese government should ignore international human rights group demand for an independent investigation, which is seen as hidden moves to interfere in the affairs of the Chinese people. I believe no independent and truly sovereign nation like China would allow Western based organizations to conduct an investigation on Chinese soil. Do you think the British people would allow a Chinese based organization to conduct an investigation into the abuses of the British forces on Northern Ireland two decades ago?

The Chinese security forces had imposed a curfew in Urumqi and surrounding areas and had also set up checkpoints to flush out the rioters. State Television revealed that the military police have been largely a responsible unit and it showed a high degree of restrain in curbing the violence. Barricades of police using shield to protect themselves against the stream of Uighur rebels seen to be throwing stones and bricks at them. Tear gas was fired to disperse the crowds, both Han Chinese and Uighurs. The military police had arrested thousands and I have heard that those who were not involved in the brutal assault of Chinese civilians will be released after the questioning session ends.

Whether the Uighur’s violent protest was initiated or instigated by the Uighur exiles or motivated by an internal rebel organization, the most important step now is to restore law and order to the region and that all murderers will need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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