Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Do Chinese people really need the so-called respect of the Western media?

By China Watcher

The Chinese government should not be bothered with the “sour grapes” comments coming from the West namely, US, France, Germany, Spain, Canada and especially the British media. The British dailies are already feeling the pressure of matching the magnanimous success of the Beijing Olympics and some have resigned to the fact that the British Summer Games in 2012 would not be able to match the scale of celebration, the rich cultures and logistics perfection as displayed by China. The pollution problem highlighted by the Western media is a non event.

So they continue to whine and said that “though we only have half the budget of China’s for our Games we will make the 2012 Games to be the most joyful and passionate one”. Well, let us wait and see whether this is true.

Fortunately, we have different viewpoints on the Net besides the Western views. Let me publish an extract from China’s Xinhua of the many praises coming from other countries whom we called the other half WORLD against the so-called West which we so fondly knows like AFP, BBC, The Times, CNN, Reuters, The Telegraph, The Guardian, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Independent etc.

Here is the extract from Xinhua:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, during his TV and radio program "Alo Presidente," said "China made the best Olympics in history." He said the organization was perfect and hailed the happiness and calm atmosphere around the Olympic Games.

President of the Panamanian Federation of Athletics Ricardo Sasso echoed Chavez's comments by saying that "these have been one of the best Olympic Games."

Ramon Cardoze, president of the Panamanian Institute of Sports, said the closing ceremony was "excellent and extraordinary."

Indonesian Olympic Committee President Rita Subowo told Xinhua by phone that Indonesian athletes feel satisfied with everything arranged at the Beijing Olympics. Seeing excellent organization and a high level of competition, Subowo planned to put his comments into a report which he will submit to the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

A Monday commentary in the New Zealand Herald called the decision made by the IOC on making Beijing host of the Olympics a right one as Beijing presented outstanding organization and state-of-the-art venues. Praising Beijing's effective measures to keep the environment clean, it said the Beijing Olympics would leave the world a lasting memory.

The New Zealand Press Association Monday praised the showcase Bird's Nest, the National Stadium of China, and Beijing's outstanding organization of the event.

An article titled "Proud China brings curtain down on epic Games" and posted on the Dominion Post said that "over the past two weeks, Beijing has wowed the visiting world with its superlative venues, army of smiling volunteers, glitch-free transport and seamless organization."

The Beijing Olympics reached its apotheosis with Sunday night's closing ceremony, according to an article published on the website of the Algerian official newspaper El Moudjahid on Sunday.

The article said the closing ceremony was spectacular, noting that China not only successfully hosted the Games, but also won victory in the match.

China has also given the whole world an insight into the level of development since its opening-up policy was adopted 30 years ago, the article said.

The article also highly praised the Chinese volunteers for their enormous work, adding that "thanks to the enthusiasm and commitment of everyone, the 29th Olympiad has highlighted the true values of the Olympics: excellence, friendship and respect."

In Vietnam, the Youth newspaper said Beijing has impressed the world and participants with its organization work.

During the 16 days, Beijing received almost no complaints about the weakness of serving work, volunteers and sporting facilities, said the Youth.

Mexican commentator Paco Gabriel de Anda from the sports supplement "Adrenalina" of the daily Excelsior said that China organized the best Olympics of the history, "regarding their organization, inauguration and closure they have made us to be excited till the tears."

"After the Olympic flame turned off, China gets a grade of 10," Mexican sports commentator Jose Ramon Fernandez said.

Mexican TV chain Television Azteca praised the Bird's Nest and said the closing ceremony was a "party of perfection and aesthesis."

Nicaraguan electronic daily "El Observador" said that Beijing finished the Olympics "with another amazing" ceremony which had a "memorable perfect aesthesis."

The Western media suffers from a clear lack of understanding of Chinese historical roots and its culture or let me put it in another way, the Asian common social behavior of earning respect by acknowledging and accepting facts and not attempting to be arrogant and “rude” while attempting to force their very own standard of democratic practices in our Asian societies.

For now, it is congratulations to China for the Olympic success and also, for topping the medal tally.

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