Friday, August 8, 2008

Beijing Olympics is ready

By China Watcher

Whatever the West said or have doubts over the Chinese hosting of the Games, it is now ready for China to stage one of the greatest show on earth.

The Western media and leaders mainly from the West had been behind the many protests and the promotion of international groups like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch in obstructing the Chinese preparation in the staging of the Olympics by making demands that China should pursue developments in line with the international prestige and professionalism of the Olympics. Some even openly said that China should not restrict freedoms of its people and allow more human rights again by its own standards.

I do understand that the Olympics, being a popular and global event, do attract a certain measure of political messages but I also strongly feel that it should not be politicized to this level as demonstrated in the various activities especially in the run up to the opening ceremony.

Tonight is the opening ceremony and it is the birth of modern China as a dynamic and tranformed nation which will takes its righful place in the world.

It does not matter whether Japan, France or US opinions are important whether China should stage the Games. After all, basing on a one vote one country basis, it is not for them to choose. Eventually their opinions will be drown out in a world where even the smallest nation has a voice.

Considering the many oppositions, protests, I salute China for being able to come so far.

The 16 days will be essentially a Chinese show and an opportunity for the Chinese to present to the world its rich culture and hospitality.

Forget about Spielberg, it is Zhang Yimou, a true Chinese who does not work behind the Western hands to discredit the home country.

So for the many critics, just sleep on it. I am already numb to your comments.

Bravo China and congratulations!

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