Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Racist remarks from CNN against the Chinese people

By China Watcher

In Situation Room aired on April 9, 2008, Jack Cafferty, a news commentator, charged the Chinese people with a highly despicable assault by saying, "They (Chinese) are basically the same bunch goons and thugs they have been in the past fifty years."

I believe his hatred for the Chinese people is deep as he said it unrelenting and unapologetically. This is clearly unacceptable in a Western and developed country which has a Constitution that disallowed racist and seditious remarks to be made to a specific group or individual based on his creed and religion. I also do not believe that when he said those words, he was referring to the Chinese government as prior to this, he talked about "junks" coming from China - products made by Chinese people not the government. Criticizing the government is tantamount to assailing the Chinese people because what the government is defending are the rights of the Chinese people to do fair business throughout the world and to stage the Olympics.

The massive pro-China rallies in Vancouver, Madrid, Ottawa, San Francisco and Sydney could have actually ignited his suppressed anti-Chinese stance to make such unwarranted and uncalled statement.

I hope that he does not represent the majority of the US citizens, particularly the Caucasian whites.

If you are against this racist statement, please do visit the site:, to offer your support.

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