Monday, April 21, 2008

Anti-China protests are alienating the Chinese youth to despise the West

By China Watcher

If you happened to view the anti-French protests in China on the Internet and the news clips, you would have noticed that the majority of the people who participated are Chinese youths who are below the age of 30.

Even on the many Chinese forums and bulletins across China used by most educated young netizens, in which the Western governments and its people were unable to understand the extent of it because of the language barrier, were filled with anti-Western sentiments, some bordering on deep anger and hatred which may takes one or two generations to nullify these negative effects. The younger generation of today will be the future leaders of the country and it does not appear rosy for world peace, given the potential of China being a superpower in the future. Many Westerners still believe in a white supremacy world and are quite reluctant to accept an Asian power like China, with a totally different government style and cultures, in which they have to contend with.

It was only a few years ago when Sino-French relation was on a good footing with the launching of the China’s year and followed by the France’s year in each other country. The China’s year in France was a particular memorable event with the Eiffel Tower draped in distinct red color cloth.

With the election of President Nicolas Sarkozy, the relations became lukewarm and, now it is widely regarded as unfriendly and strained. The predecessor, Jacques Chirac is a good friend to the Chinese government and its people. Similarly in Germany with the coming to power of the obnoxious female Chancellor from the Christian Democrat, Sino-German relations took a sharp dive of which it has yet to recover. Her predecessor, Gerhard Schroeder has managed to bring Sino-German relations to a new level with many lucrative business deals. I am afraid her principled stand on human rights and the meeting with the Tibetan spiritual leader will carry her opinions no further than the doorsteps of her Chancellery and, it will do more damage than good when dealing with China.

To salvage the damages done to the relationship, two special French envoys will arrive in Beijing this week to deliver messages from a present and past President of France to the Chinese leaders.

There are little signs that this protests in China will abate with new protests in cities such as Haikou (Hainan), Harbin, Xian, Jinan, Dalian following Saturday’s protests in Beijing, Qingdao, Wuhan, Hefei and Kunming. Though the Chinese government has quietly allowed the protests, they have also told the crowd to express their patriotic feelings in a rational and effective way but the bias Western media, once again, spurn it differently by mentioning that the Chinese government was afraid that the anti-Western protests will turn to become popular protests against the central government on issues like inflation, corruption and unemployment. Maybe it could happen in the West but not in China. Furthermore, the issues on hand are Tibetan independence, Olympics pressures and western interference on Chinese matters under the guise of human rights.

Meanwhile as reported in a small section of a foreign daily, there were about 5,000 people gathered in front of the Hollywood offices of CNN over the weekend to protest disparaging remarks about China made by one of the channels commentators. Police said the protesters who turned up unannounced were peaceful unlike the Tibetan protests against the torchbearers.

To date, the Western media and the activists have not denied that they are acting in concert to orchestrate the demonisation and bashing of China that began two years ago leading up to the Olympics in August 2008. The list of anti-China bashing news are endless - Darfur issue, the poor quality of Chinese goods, the pollution in Beijing, the three Gorges Dam, the African resources exploitation, the Dalai Lama, Xinjiang “terrorists”, the Taiwan independence, the military threat and even the treatment of its law offenders are not being spared. The use of the Dalai Lama and its secessionist groups in the guise of human rights was the ultimate push that broke a camel back, resulting in rampant anti-Western, anti-CNN and BBC protests held in China and other major cities throughout the world. Some of these participants are overseas Chinese that the West claimed were “brainwashed” or indoctrinated with patriotic education. This is clearly another spurn by the media doctor from the West.

One Chinese youth in the forum summed up the majority of the crowd’s anger, “I will mobilize my friends and we will fight back with a renew fervor that the West will remember forever that we are one race that will not be easily bullied”.

Sad but true, these profound resentments are quite real and the West ignorance or continued “assault” of their values on others will result in the development of a World which is not peaceful but also deeply divided in the future.


cindy6 said...

I would hardly call Japan a Tier 2 China-friendly country. They have the most to lose, and their hostility is thinly concealed.

China Watcher said...

Thanks cindy for your comment.

I do agree with you that Japan is not at all "friendly" as reflected in its past actions. But there are positive signs that the present Japanese Government is interested in the development of cordial and friendly ties with China. Mr. Hu Jintao will be making a visit to Japan shortly and we'll monitor the situations. Overall, the people relations between the two nations are far from healthy with about 60-70% from each sides disliking each other. The scores I am getting is within Tier 2, but it may change in the future. Who knows?