Monday, January 28, 2008

Update on the Korean Badminton Open 2008

The final badminton results have confirmed that the Women Singles in the Chinese camp is in trouble. A former Chinese player, Zhou Mi, representing Hong Kong caused an upset by defeating the Chinese representative, Lu Lan. Zhang Ning, as usual, appeared weary and tired in the court where youth is one factor going against this player who at one time is the most consistent Chinese player. The Chinese have to implement certain workout plan for the seniors and juniors to avoid an Olympic’s failure, which is only 6 months away. Maybe the Chinese can learn a bit from the Danish veterans who are currently enjoying a brief revival.

In the Men singles, Lin Dan lost narrowly to Lee Hyun Il from South Korea and what is more concern here is his inability to finish at the crucial stage - the one point that is needed to win the title. Perhaps the vociferous Korean crowd and the line judges’ controversial calls were the main factors affecting the match. Lin Dan is still the world’s number one and to strengthen his game, he should improve on his net play and reduce the many unforced errors. Furthermore, he should be more patient as it does help to calm the nerves to score that most important point during match point situation and, more particularly in a 21-point system where every point matters.

The mixed doubles is a touch and go affair and the Chinese should not feel threatened – Zhengbo and Gao Ling has yet to play - although the other competitors have also improved their fighting spirit in this event. Chinese men doubles depended much on Cai Yun and Fu Haifeng and presently, there is no second or third pairs who could provide the winning support if they are off-form in the tough international badminton circuit.

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