Thursday, January 31, 2008

China to begin probe after food poisoning in Japan

By China Watcher

The Western news agency, Reuters, never failed to amaze me at the speed of reporting anything which has negative connotations from China. This morning, I picked up the news that the suspected frozen dumplings in packages imported from China have caused food poisoning to 10 persons, with one 5-year old child seriously ill in Japan.

Japan Tobacco Inc (JTI), the importer, initiated a recall of this product and other related food products manufactured by the same factory as a precaution and apologized to the Japanese public over this incident. The Japanese broadcasters were very active by informing viewers not to consume the product.

The dumplings dish is very popular item during the winter season and among children. It was not known whether the dumplings were contaminated with pesticides in China or in Japan. The Japanese authority has notified the Chinese Embassy of the situation. It will be helpful to Japan’s Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry to test every package of JT dumplings to ascertain the extent of the packages that are contaminated.

We were told that the Chinese side has begun probing on the matter.

Let us not jump to any conclusion and wait for the outcome of the investigation.

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