Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Is China heading to a world war with the instigator USa?

The USa are nothing more than troublemakers. Everywhere the US goes. there is bound to be trouble. Look at Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, South America. It needs war to build its faltering economy.

China needs to wake up and vastly increase its deterrence against its potential adversaries like Japan and USA. Its weak military deterrence against USA is what prompts the USA to challenge China's territorial sovereignty over the Spratly Islands. By comparison, Russia's vast conventional and especially its vast nuclear arsenals deter the USA from risky provocations, etc, in Syria, Ukraine, etc, against Russia. Russia also publicly stated it would escalate a conventional war into a nuclear war. Perhaps China should also change its stance to be one to use a nuclear warhead against these publicly stated enemies of the Chinese people - US, Japan and the Philippines.

During the Korean War, it was the Soviet Union's threat to attack mainland USA with nuclear weapons that restrained the USA's warplanes from attacking parts of China near N. Korea.

China needs to divert resources from building short-range weapons like tanks, APCs, artillery, patrol boats, etc to building more warships, warplanes, submarines, UAVs, long-range missiles, etc which can reach and attack "distant targets accurately" more than 14,000 kilometers away, such as mainland USA including Washington DC. Japan nearby is already an easy target if there is an outbreak of WW3.

Access to military bases near its adversaries would vastly increase the firepower of China's military. J-10, J-11, ,J-16, J-31, DF-21, DF-26, etc, will help to reach mainland USA from mainland China with many possibilitie.

China needs to have at least 20 nuclear submarines armed with JL-2, JL-3, etc, and at least another 10 armed with land-attack missiles, etc. They are better than land-based ICBMs because they are harder to locate and destroy. It is harder to defend against submarine-launched missiles launched from anywhere in the world than against land-based ICBMs launched "only from mainland China".

It needs to build more 055 warships, preferably nuclear-powered, instead of 052D warships because they have longer range, carry more of different types of missiles especially land-attack missiles with range of 2000 km to 3000 km, etc. Nuclear-powered warships have unlimited range for many years and can contaminate the coastal waters of China's adversaries with radioactive substances if sunk near there.

It needs to build at least 4 aircraft carriers and 40 destroyers to defend its surface warships, attack distant adversaries with airstrikes,etc. "Tow-able, modular floating air bases" without ship engines, are better than aircraft carriers because they can be built quicker, larger, are less expensive, have longer aircraft runway, etc, than aircraft carrier.

Just focus and continue to develop your weapon arsenals. That is the only way to go. The threat from the US with the calling of the Senate and hawkish military officers would remain.

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