Friday, July 8, 2011

Chinese is to be taught in Swedish schools

By China Watcher

Sweden, a former Viking country in northern Europe has been supportive of the European crusade against China on human rights but has so far taken a softer approach (non confrontational) as compared to Norway which has been in the forefront (through a disguised Committee with hidden agenda) in awarding the shamed Nobel Peace Prize to a criminal dissident from China last year.

The country has taken a bold and wise decision to introduce Chinese as an important foreign language at all primary and secondary schools and this would take around 15 years for the school systems to adjust. In 15 years time, you could probably get to observe younger Swedish citizens speaking Chinese among themselves,

The decision to prioritize the Chinese language is seen as a move to recognize the importance of China from the economic standpoint as compared to French and Spanish languages which were presently being used widely more because of the impact of colonization over the last 500 years and not from the economic standpoint.

For a start, we understand the Swedish authorities would begin the recruitment of qualified educators who can teach Chinese and assigned them to the schools.

I commend the Swedish administration move which will bring closer ties between the Chinese and the Swedish people.

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samin said...

I am very glad to hear this good news and I do hope my grandchildren there can have the opportunity to learn their mother tongue right in Sweden besides Swedish and English.