Friday, April 8, 2011

China should tell Germany to mind its own business

By China Watcher

I have not been writing anything for the past few months because of busy work schedule.

This morning I managed to catch a glimpse of a news report stating that the Chinese Ambassador to Germany has been summoned to the Foreign Ministry over not the fate of a German citizen but over a Chinese writer who was detained over issues pertaining to economic matters.

It comes as no surprise to me because of the meddling ways the West would try to put its foot into Chinese internal affairs just because China has different ideology and own approach in handling citizens who breaks Chinese laws.

Well, Germany is not what it used to be when it controlled part of Shanghai and Tsingtao during the early 20th Century as what is called "Slicing of the Chinese Melon". It is just an European power which is very good in making cars with a population of not more than 100 million. Yet, it wanted to act like a big brother to the US in questioning the local laws of the Chinese.

China should just tell the Germans to look at themselves first and most important, tell them point blank.. it will affects Sino-German relations in the long run.

Minus 10 points on Sino-German relations. The Chinese should start thinking twice about buying Mercedes and BMW.

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