Thursday, July 3, 2008

A big NO from Chinese people for Sarkozy’s attendance at the Olympics

By China Watcher

According to an online polling conducted by published on Wednesday in China, 88 percent of the respondents were strongly opposed to French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s presence at the opening ceremony of the Olympics. To date, about 100,000 of the Chinese netizens have taken part in the survey.

Earlier on, the French President had made threats to boycott the Olympics ceremony and that his attendance will depend on the progress of the latest talks between the Chinese government and the private representative of the Dalai Lama. Sarkozy has told the French media that he will make a decision at the G8 Summit in Japan this weekend.

The Chinese people are united in its opinion that Sarkozy’s remarks are “extremely unfriendly” and unbecoming from a politician who is supposed to be a matured, responsible and a thoughtful diplomat, who needs to take into consideration the overall Chinese people feelings against the Tibetans minority while making comment on the issue.

Last week, two rude US Congressmen visited China and told the media that they will lobby for the US President not to attend the opening ceremony as a sign of a snub for not being able to meet certain Chinese human rights activists.

As an observer, I strongly believe that the Chinese government will not be easily intimidated by such “threats” or relented from such childish “political black-mailed” techniques used by the Western world. This is international politics and it is not a household education strategy like what a parent would say to his kid, “If you don’t behave, I would not buy you an ice cream”. It will never work in international political diplomacy and furthermore, China is a huge and influential country and even Myammar, Iran or Zimbabwe had not relented with the many economic sanctions initiated by the West.

I am now telling those anti-China supporters and Chinese bashers that China is not begging for these top politicians and celebrities to attend the Olympics Ceremony and if they attend then it is fine and good and if they do not attend, then it will not have any repercussions on the Games.

In fact, this is the coming out party not only for the Chinese in China but also, for all people of Chinese origins throughout the world. From what I have gathered, the Asian people are also SOLIDLY behind China hosting of the Olympics this August.

Go China go! Make it a truly remarkable and the best Olympics the world has ever seen.

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