Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Spielberg resigns as artistic advisor to the Beijing Olympics

By China Watcher

It was reported today in the anti-China media, BBC and New York Times, that Steven Spielberg boycotts his Olympic’s role though I would rather choose the appropriate word like “resign” or “withdraw” over differences in personal opinion towards the handling of political concerns around the globe, more in particular, over the Darfur crisis.

Personally, I do cherish the many works of Mr. Spielberg especially in bringing family and human oriented values in the entertainment arena and the injection of creative ideas in film-making though there were some critics who do not agree. It is because of his inborn talent and his commanding presence in the cultural sphere that the Chinese Authority has selected him for this important role.

The decision to resign must have been pressured by the Western International Artiste Groups and the various human rights associations who feel that they could somehow add their weights to “force” China to withdraw its support of the Sudanese government in view of the humanitarian sufferings in the Western part of the country.

As I have said this before, politics and sports should not be allowed to mix as this could turn out to be a very messy state of affairs like in Los Angeles and Moscow. Further, it is against the principles of the Games in promoting gamesmanship and respect for all the participating countries. By turning your backs on the Olympics – a major sporting event – you are merely showing disrespect to the host and other countries.

It is with profound regret that a cinematic talent like Mr. Spielberg has succumbed to the pressure of these small pressured groups who are trying to undermine the coming Olympics to champion their cause. Finding a replacement for Mr. Spielberg with his worldwide stature and presence will take a while but I am sure that the Beijing Organizing Committee would have a contingency plan already. Picking a reputable director from Asia with an international flair would be my choice since the Games is held in the Asian continent.

Like a capable and respected corporate CEO once said, “No one is indispensable. A company will survive on its own strengths”. The Olympic Games will go on.

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China Point said...

I couldn't agree with you more. It's a shame that Speilberg became a tool of those anti-China activists who aim to politicize the Olympics.